Currently living in Sydney, Australia, Leon Trakman has published 8 books and over 100 articles on contracts, investment, commercial law and international commercial arbitration.




Arbitration is becoming the preferred method of resolving commercial disputes. It is also used widely by governments and private parties to resolve national and cross-border conflicts.

Leon Trakman has extensive arbitral experience and has served as a sole arbitrator, chair and party appointed arbitrator in over 60 disputes. He studied arbitration at Harvard Law School and has taught widely on the subject matter at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; Dalhousie University, El Centro Jurici del ITESM, the World Trade Center in Monterrey, Southern Methodist University, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the University of California Davis, the University of New South Wales, and at various universities and institutes in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mongolia. He has presided over arbitrations under the auspices of international arbitration centres, such as the American Arbitration Association, the World Intellectual Property, The Hong Kong Centre for International Commercial Arbitration and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Leon Trakman has resolved complex cases among private entities in areas of international commercial contracting, construction, agency & distributorship, financial/banking, intellectual property, insurance, oil and gas, maritime shipping, telecommunications, transportation, state contracts and administrative law. He has conducted these arbitrations ad hoc, on appointment by the disputing parties and by arbitration associations. The vast majority of these disputes have involved corporations engaged in multimillion dollar international business disputes.

Arbitration Philosophy:

In conducting arbitration, Leon Trakman uses expedited proceedings wherever possible, including the submission of documents online, and the use of telephone, video and conferencing services for preliminary and related hearings. In sitting as a single arbitrator or chair of a panel, he ordinarily undertakes to arrive at an award within two weeks after the conclusion of the final hearing and on the receipt of all evidence requested.

He further stresses the need for evidence to be succinctly presented, for transparent and cost-effective proceedings, including time limits to present arguments, and strict rules on confidentiality. He advises parties in advance of the virtue of expeditious proceedings and on how he will conduct all proceedings. He also provides them with a cost estimate for the entire proceedings, and reports on costs periodically through proceedings.

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